Our mission and goals are simple: until homelessness and poverty are cured, we want to make life easier for those in need. We plan to achieve this one backpack of supplies at a time and through acts of kindness and love.

Lace Up With Love is a 100% volunteer run nonprofit working to benefit those in need in Nashville, TN.  The organization was originally founded by four young professionals who aimed to make a difference.  The now president Jessica, who originally had the idea, was homeless herself a decade ago. She and others know firsthand how the basic and simple things… even shoe laces… are taken for granted and needed when you're facing poverty and homelessness. 

Yes, even shoelaces...something we probably tie every morning. Think of how powerful we could be together if we laced up with love every day to help those in need around us. 

Currently we are preparing to launch our new program of backpacks focusing on children who are homeless and living in poverty to not only supply them with food and hygiene products but also educational material to promote literacy and creativity.  

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Our adult backpacks are filled with several items such as shoelaces, food, thermal travel mugs, warm hats and gloves during the winter, toiletries, hand-warmers and many other items that most of us probably don't consider a luxury item...but are a luxury item for the amazing people we deliver these bags to.

At the inception of this idea in September 2016 our goal was simply to give out at least 10 bags a month.  Three months later we had given out over 400 bags to those in need. Not long ago we decided to start including stamped envelopes so people can reach out to family or friends.  In addition, we give out our PO Box if they would like to write us because we want every person to know that we care and at Lace Up With Love, they have a lot of friends.

Already we have a new friend Robert that one of our volunteers delivered a bag to recently. Robert was our first letter.

We look forward to recognizing all of our Keystone donors that helped us start this organization in one of our upcoming events. Please email us anytime so we can tell you more or if you would like to know more ways you can help.

"The true measure of our character is how we treat the poor, the disfavored, the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned. We are all implicated when we allow other people to be mistreated."

-Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy


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