"At Lace Up With Love our mission is to fight the stigma of homelessness one act of kindness at a time. But beyond that, our organization is an interface: here to innovate social justice through the creation of platforms that increase the ease of communication and support for non-profits and the people they serve in the community."


-Lace Up With Love



A Message from our president

“Hi, my name is Jessica and 14 years ago I was homeless for a year. During that time I discovered the shame and stigma of not having a place to live. I promised myself that if ever I had the chance, I would do something to make a difference in the lives of others struggling.

At Lace Up With Love we believe in the “multiplier effect.” We believe that the final outcome can be achieved through consistent, small bursts of compassion and support. The problem is systemic and so the solution must be too.One act of kindness, one bag of supplies and one smile at time we are changing the world.

Join us and take the same chance on another human in need as someone took on me.”


Jessica Thurmond
Founder & President, Lace Up With Love

Thank you to our FOUNDING DONORS

MARYNET KING, CHRISTi AND STEVE OTT, KELLY OTT, JESSICA THURMOND, GABRIEL LUTZ, Christa suppan, Tanelle murphy, Lori Kampa and carey ott, steve whiteside, Christine Lowry, Don Brown, kai passo