From Mellynne D.

 I am extremely fortunate to know Kelly O., one of the selfless people who started this organization. She offered a backpack to me one day, and I thought to myself, 'sure, I am always buying the Contributor, this will be another way to help someone out." I took the bag home and explained its purpose to my 12 and 14-year old daughters. I had thought I would be able to use it as a teachable moment with them: help those who have less than you. However, instead of us three having the opportunity to find someone to give it to, my husband who works in downtown Nashville chimed in with, "I always see a guy by the off ramp when I drive to work in the mornings, I'll take it." I was a little surprised that he jumped at the opportunity so quickly to help someone out so I agreed. Luckily for me, I was on the phone with him the next morning when I heard him stop and ask the guy if he wanted a backpack. I heard the guy respond with "THANK YOU, man!" My husband then told him, "My wife got it for you." I heard the man in the background say, "tell her thank you!" My husband was almost at work that day so we got off the phone soon after that. I said, "didn't that make you feel great?" And I could tell in his voice that it did. 

So the next day, I told Kelly that my husband took my bag and she said that she had more. I took two more thinking that maybe I could give them out, but once again, it was my husband who took them. He was walking to his car on a rainy night and he saw a homeless person on Korean Veteran's Boulevard. He asked the guy if he wanted a bag of helpful items and the guy's eyes lit up. My husband grabbed the Darth Vader backpack from his car. The next day, the man whom he gave the bag to and two friends were sitting on a bench. The man STILL had the bag with him. My husband walked up and asked the guy if he liked the bag. One of the other guys piped up saying, "he was JUST bragging about that bag." My husband told them that he had one more if one of them wanted it. He said they both argued back and forth and then one of them said the other could have it so he got it for them.

My husband beamed as he told us about giving his bags away. I could tell that wasn't the last time he would want to help someone else in need. It's funny, I thought it was going to be a teachable moment for my children, when it in fact changed my partner of 25 years.