From Anna

I was given a backpack by Kelly Ott to distribute to someone in need. Less the 24 hours later the bag is still in my car, but there has already been a significant impact on my two young children (ages 6 and 4) and myself. Upon seeing the bag, both my children questioned what it was and I explained to them the purpose. We were on our way home but both asked if we could drive around town looking for someone to give the bag too. Time did not permit doing that but still every person we drove by while running errands and getting home, they asked if we could stop and distribute the bag. Again, they are 4 and 6 years old so some of the ‘candidates’ were people jogging or walking their dogs along the sidewalk.


There is a gentlemen whom we do often drive by selling The Contributor (who is always near the passenger side of our car) and my 6 year old asked today  if he could switch sides of the car with his sister so that he would be able to hand the gentleman the book bag. Already this has opened up a HUGE conversation between our family and I truly feel my children are going to be more conscious and generous as a result of this simple act of generosity.  I am looking forward to when we will soon give the bag away and am inspired to instill this incredible generosity in my children so that they may better the world as Kelly Ott and Lace Up With Love are doing.