From Bill L.

I've been regularly helping Lace Up With Love since they first started and have always had a big heart for the homeless community.  The other day I saw the post where they were in need of chap stick and applesauce to make their last round of backpacks for the year and ventured out to Target on my lunch break to pick them up.  While I was there I encountered a decently put together woman who approached me.  She said she and her children were in a hotel due to a domestic violence situation.  She needed $31 to keep the room one more night until she could get into a local nonprofit aiding families of domestic abuse the next day.

I never carry cash and I told her that.  She asked if I'd call the hotel and make the payment and I quickly said no. It was really striking. I thought to myself that is was a bit ironic that I was there buying stuff for the homeless but I wouldn't help the woman in front of me.  Then it dawned on me that I had stuffed some cash in my phone case.  I found her and gave it to her- I had exactly $31. I don't care what spiritual beliefs you have but that's the kind of thing you just can't make up.

Sometimes changing the world starts with changing the way we think about others.