From Nate A.

On November 29 it was pouring rain for a good while and there were puddles forming everywhere. As I was walking down the street earlier that night I stepped in one and it soaked my feet and socks. 

As I was driving down the road about an hour later I saw a lady getting ready to sleep under a tree. She had 4 grocery bags with her belongings and  a couple of blankets. I immediately thought about how I felt getting my socks wet and then thought about how her clothes will stay wet all night. 

I made a u-turn and checked my car to see what I had available. I had a medium sized tote that i emptied out. I bought too many bags of chips for Thanksgiving so I included those. I also had some laundry in my car that I had just washed. I grabbed a thick pair of socks and put them in for her. I pulled up and handed her the bag and went on my way. It was that simple.

Lace Up With Love has opened my eyes to this need through their acts of kindness. I am so inspired by this cause and continue to look forward to helping the community and to see the amazing work they continue to do.